Following the horrific October 7th pogrom in which 1,400 Jews, including babies, women, children and the elderly, were brutally tortured, raped and murdered, and 240 were kidnapped by the Palestinians, the Western world responded with rising antisemitism. This included Australia, with calls for the murder of Jews. Disgracefully, Australian governments at all levels have joined in this festival of hatred. On the day of the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, considered to be the start of the Holocaust, one Melbourne city council hoisted the Palestinian flag and declared a boycott of Jewish businesses. As thousands of protesters march spreading Jew hatred, deliberately going to Jewish areas and preventing Jews from accessing Synagogues for prayer, the federal government falsely claims that Israel is occupied territory and that Israel is deliberately ignoring the rules of war and is bombing medical facilities, stoking the fires of antisemitism. The Israeli military while pursuing the terrorists form the government of Gaza has taken extraordinary measures to minimise civilian deaths, measures that no other government, including Australia, has ever shown their conflicts. Australia now resembles late 1930s Germany. In what is probably a first for Australia, these really government has issued a travel warning that its citizens are unsafe in Australia and should under no circumstances travel there. It is very sad that what was once a free and tolerant country which welcomed people from all over the world has become a Nazi state. [Photograph: Jewish business in Sydney attacked by antisemites]


As expected, following the brutal massacre of 1,400 Israelis the babies, children, women, the elderly and men, countries are protesting Israel defending itself, supported by delusional lies. “Israel is seeking revenge” they yell, whereas Israel is fighting a battle for its survival to make sure that this never happens again. “Humanitarian crisis” they yell, whereas in reality any humanitarian crisis caused by the government of Gaza. “Cease fire” they yell, trying to stop Israel defending itself against the perpetrators. “Humanitarian aid” they yell, in full knowledge that any aid is confiscated by Hamas and only helps them. “Ordinary Palestinians have nothing to do with this” they yell about people who elected Hamas to government and danced in the street and celebrated the massacre of Jews. “Occupation” they yell knowing full well that Gaza has been government is an independent state since 2005. “Genocide” they yell, knowing full well that the only genocide committed in the Middle East has always been committed by Arabs murdering Jews. The truth is that the people yelling these things are antisemitic, supporting the murder of Jews. This is the reason Israel must win this fight, so that Jews have a safe country to run to when the world is turning against them.


In outrageous comments the UN General-Secretary António Guterres that the brutal pogrom in which 1,400 Jews, including babies, children, women and the elderly, were brutally slaughtered and more than 200 were taken as hostages was the fault of the Jews. Disregarding the genocidal incitement and brainwashing of Arabs in the region since the 1920s in attempt to drive Jews from the area, and ignoring the fact that the UN, funded by Western largess, has been instrumental in brainwashing Arabs from kindergarten, which are what is responsible for the massacre. Guterres of course is not alone, as Western governments, including Australian authorities, Universities and so-called human rights groups have come out in support of Hamas. And expect Israel to do nothing to protect its people, demanding cease fire to ensure that nothing changes and pays the way for future murder of Jews. Throughout history the Jews have had no friends and this continues until this day. Ironically, Israel is the safest place for Jews.


While many countries rightly condemned the pogrom in Israel which was carried out by Hamas terrorists, Australia has shown itself to be an increasingly antisemitic country. The Prime Minister belatedly and under much pressure spoke against the horror in a most tepid way. His Minister of Foreign Affairs was even more reluctant to say anything against the terrorists, and some Premiers, the Greens Party and the Mayor of Sydney have spoken in support of terrorism, equating the brutal slaughter of men, women and children with Jews defending themselves against terrorism. Many organisations in Australia have joint in the chorus supporting terrorism. In Sydney, police were prohibited Jews from leaving their homes while allowing demonstrations in which cries of “Gas the Jews” and other calls for the genocide of Jews were allowed unhindered. During these demonstrations only one arrest was made, that of a due to dad Jew who dared to leave his home. The country’s public broadcaster in its biased reporting is clearly seeking sympathy for the terrorists who be had babies and burn people alive. Australia claims to be a successful and tolerant multicultural society however it clearly excludes Jews from this. [Image: October 9th demonstration at the Sydney Opera House calling for the genocide of Jews]


Antisemitism is a constant throughout history. The horrific pogrom carried out by the Arabs was years in the making, aided and financed by the duplicitous West. Eradication of the indigenous Jews started in the 1920s, as Arabs murdered and ethnically cleansed Jews from their towns in the West Bank, and culminated in 1948 with the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank, Jewish East Jerusalem and later from other Middle East countries. During World War 2, when Hitler wanted to expel Jews, it was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who convinced him to exterminate them instead, and laid plans to do the same in the Middle East. The plan to eliminate all Jews failed, and the Arabs started a propaganda war against the Jews, naming their failed attempt the Nakba, renaming themselves Palestinians and inverting history. The West bought this lie and has pandered to the Arab aim of exterminating the Jews. When Jews are attacked, the West pressures them to stop acting against terrorists. The lies compounded, and the West poured billions of dollars to the terrorists, arming them, paying for schools that teach antisemitism and provide summer camps where children from kindergarten are taught how to kill Jews. The West pays for the pay-for-slay program, whereby murderers of Jews are provided generous pensions. The West insisted on a two-state solution (in reality, a three-state solution), leading to the establishment of a terrorist state in Gaza. Rather than building a state, the Arabs put Hams in charge, which attacks Jews from civilian areas. Then when the recent butchery occurred, in the West there are antisemitic protests once again. Hatred against a humane people that have contributed per capita more than any other group is universally hated. Antisemitism is a disease that has never been eradicated, and if history is anything to go by, it never will. The Jews have always been and still are alone, despite the hypocritical posturing of world leaders.


The horrendous terrorist attack committed Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, resulting in the murder of over 300 Israelis, mainly women, children and the elderly, as well as the kidnapping of about 100 Israelis, again mainly women, children and the elderly, together with thousands of rockets fired on civilians, including ambulances in the hospital, has been rightly condemned by most Western countries, however this is the result of the West’s duplicity against the Jews. Through great pressure the West has never allowed Israel to properly deal with the terrorists, has provided funds for brainwashing children as well as adults to hate Jews, and has directly assisted in arming the terrorists. Recently the United States transferred armoured vehicles and assault rifles to the Palestinian terrorists and has unfrozen $6 billion for Iran, which will no doubt be used to fund more terrorism. Statements of support for Israel in this tragedy ring hollow when this is taken into account, and countries such as New Zealand could not even bring themselves to issue a friendly comment, and Australia, with its antisemitic, terrorist-supporting government, belatedly issued support after being shamed by the opposition party. [Screenshot: StandWithUs]


When Russia attacked Ukraine Poland immediately sent military aid and opened its borders to Ukrainian refugees, and has continued to be the main supporter of the country in military aid, humanitarian aid, political support and lobbying for Ukrainian accession to NATO. Furthermore, since Russia effectively blockaded wheat exports from Ukrainian ports, Poland has allowed shipments through its territory, on condition that the wheat not be unloaded and sold in Poland. Selling the wheat in Poland instead of exporting it would destroy Poland’s agricultural sector. Not being satisfied with this arrangement, and in a totally ungrateful act, Ukrainian President Zelensky has spoken out against Poland in political fora. He further insulted Poland by calling for Germany, which has been dragging its feet in helping Ukraine, to be made a permanent member of the UN Security Council. In return, Poland threatened to cut off any further arms supply to Ukraine. Likewise, President Zelinsky has continued his attacks on Israel for not sending enough military aid. He seems to have forgotten that Ukraine collaborated with Hitler in exterminating the Jews, and Ukraine continues until this day to act against Israel in the UN. His actions, putting it kindly, are strange for a country that is so desperate for aid in its war against invaders. It is high time that the President did some soul searching.


This week Australia announced they would resume using the term “Occupied Palestinian Territories”, which is abandoned by a previous government and has now been resurrected by Australia’s far left government, which continues to run an antisemitic agenda, having previously stated that Australia no longer recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, even though that land is not under dispute. The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese stated that the decision was made on legal advice and UN resolutions. Where this legal advice came from is open to question, as Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza have never been part of any Arab Palestinian entity. The last holders of the deed to these indigenous Jewish lands were the British, who took the areas from the Ottomans after World War I. If you want to see a true occupied colonial enterprise based on the killing of indigenous people, you need look no further than Australia. [Illustration: W.L. Walton ‘Mounted Police and Blacks’, 1852, depicting the killing of Aborigines at Slaughterhouse Creek by colonial police troopers, 1838]


If only there was good news to write about, but these days it is very difficult. Yes, there are small personal bits of good news, but on the larger stage of the West it seems like a downhill descent from democracy, freedom and equality under the law. The West reached its peak in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, starting its decline in the 1990s and, like the proverbial downhill fall, gaining speed in the 2020s. The United States continues to be divided along political lines. Whatever the merits of each case, the different treatment of Democratic Senators who have done the wrong thing and Republican ones cannot be seen in any light other than politics intruding into the judicial system. In the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia, the draconian response to COVID-19, which is now coming out as based not facts but on politics and hysteria, saw the suspension of human rights. Australia is undergoing a most divisive referendum. Israel has been torn apart by judicial reforms, with the United States interfering in what should be Israel’s domestic affair. France is undergoing ethnic violence. These events do not augur well for the West at a time when its enemies are attacking or preparing to attack what was once the bastion of democracy. Those enemies are watching very closely and calculating their moves. The leaders of Western countries would do well to stop stoking the division and once more unite their populations or risk the consequences of continuing along the path that they have chosen. [Image: Library of Congress]


“Hezbollah-affiliated cleric Sheikh Sadiq al-Nabulsi stated that a war with Israel could “deliver” Lebanon from its ongoing political and economic crisis in an interview with the Lebanese Al-Jadeed TV earlier this month, according to a translation published by MEMRI.” (Jerusalem Post July 21, 2023). Lebanon has had political and economic crises for decades, including a civil war, the building of Hezbollah’s state-within-a-state with its parallel government, social service and military facilities, chronic corruption and provoking senseless wars with its neighbour Israel. At present its government is in a political stalemate and the economy is in turmoil. It is beyond the pale that there are calls within the state to start a war in Israel, which would result in countless deaths and much destruction in both Israel and Lebanon, presumably with the aim of consolidating Hezbollah’s power and counting on billions of dollars and foreign aid to rebuild the country. This brings to mind an old Russian joke in which Nikita Khrushchev (the then First Secretary of the Communist Party) contemplates declaring a war on America as a means of getting American aid to save the economy, and is told of the possible flaw in his thinking, “But what if we win?” The difference here is that this is no joke. The world however seems wilfully deaf to the possibility.


The world has once again shown its antisemitism. By the time Israel’s action against the terrorists in Jenin took place, 28 Jews had been murdered this year in terrorist attacks. In the last incident, 4 young Jews were murdered, resulting in revenge riots by Jews, something uncharacteristic. The United States government condemned the riot is and demanded that the terrorists be giving compensation, only acknowledging the murder is after protests. In an attempt to slow down the terrorists attacks, the Israelis conducted a 2-day operation in Jenin, killing terrorists and losing one soldier. Some of the terrorists were older teens. Israel took extraordinary care not to harm civilians, yet libellous claims were made by the United States, the UN and other countries. Reprehensibly, the BBC said that Israelis were happy to kill children, echoing mediaeval blood libels. None of these countries or institutions condemn terrorism against Jews, and when they conduct counter-terrorism actions themselves many civilians are killed, making their attacks on the Israelis not only wrong but hypocritical. These false claims only breed antisemitism. It is obvious the Jews cannot rely on anyone and the only thing that will stop a second Holocaust is that they have their own country.


Governments have recently made big noises about fighting antisemitism, including Australia which is banned aspects of Nazi symbols in the United States and the Housing its strategy which of course includes antisemitic organisations such as CAIR. Every strategy ignores the main source of modern antisemitism which is Islamic preaching against Jews and Israel. These same governments, joined by the UN, then went on the offensive against Jews. In Israel so far 28 Jews were murdered by terrorists. Following the most recent incident in which four Israelis were murdered, Jews had enough and rioted in the Palestinian area. These riots drew immediate condemnation from the entire world with calls for prosecution of those responsible and giving compensation. Yet no such calls for actions against the terrorists or for compensating the families of the murder of Jews even and to the mind of Joe Biden’s administration or the head of the UN. After the US ambassador disgracefully equated though is murdered by terrorists with the terrorists themselves Jews protested, resulting in a separate statement about sympathy to murdered Jews but it was too late. Western news media excoriated the Jews while giving scant attention to the terrorists. Likewise, Australia, Canada in the UK again called for preventing Jews building houses while supporting Palestinian construction on Jewish land. In an article in The Australian it stated that today the most persecuted people are Christians and Moslems, a totally false statement, the reality being the most persecuted people are Jews and Christians, both at the hands of Moslems and Leftist organisations and governments. These countries and organisations are antisemitic, and in the battle against antisemitism Jews are alone, just like in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. . [Photograph: Farhud massacre of Jews 1941]


The recent graduation speech at the City University New York’s law school launched a legal career based on hate and racism. In speech which was everted an approved by the faculty, given by graduating student Fatima Moussa Mohammed comprised of hate and calls for destruction of Jews, and the revolution against the United States. This is hate speech, and not free speech. That a future attorney should launch her career in this way is a worry. Even more worrying is that her speech was not only approved by the faculty, but applauded by the Dean. The University only put out a statement condemning the speech after a backlash and calls to cut it is funding. This should be totally unacceptable, but is not surprising given the rapid and massive rise of antisemitism in many western countries, including the United States, Great Britain and Australia, fuelled by immigration from the Middle East. These countries continue to ignore this and only pay lip service to this form of racism.


PD has spent time in Poland and in Australia, and the contrast is wide. In the COVID-19 era Poland’s restrictions were minor in comparison to Australia’s draconian restrictions which saw its citizens who were abroad locked out of the country and those within it in house arrest for the longest period of any state, and culminating in the shooting of unarmed protesters in the back at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. Australia’s restrictions have been lifted however the psychological and financial toll on the population shows. In general, the population appears depressed, and suffering from government instituted crises in jobs, housing and increasing taxes. The government has embarked on Australia’s biggest ever immigration program which will worsen the job and housing crisis. To make matters worse, Australia’s are taught in schools to hate themselves and their country. The future looks bleak. In contrast, the general mood of the population in Poland is upbeat, people are taught to love the country and the economy is growing at twice the rate of Australia’s. Inflation is higher than in Australia however taking everything together this is a happy country despite the war on its doorstep. The contrast with Australia, a once happy, proud and successful country, could not be greater. [Photograph: Police in Australia shooting at unarmed civilians during Covid-19 protests]


Debate of Australia’s Prime Minister’s push for the “Voice” sinks to new lows. The “Voice” is an Aboriginal advisory body to parliament and governments which the Prime Minister wanting enshrined in Australia’s constitution, which requires a referendum. The “yes” campaign is being treated favourably, with tax breaks which are not available to the “no” campaign, however instead of rational debate and looking what has happened in other countries, it has descended into calling anyone who opposes the change is racist. This would be laughable if not serious, determining that anyone opposing race-based privileges being granted in the Constitution is racist is absurd and hypocritical. In countries with race-based differentiation in privileges in their constitution have never done well, and it reverses the hard-won gains in equal rights over the last few decades. Furthermore, it is very likely that should this succeed, then other groups in society will start demanding special privileges in the Constitution. As bigotry and inequality increasing the world, this is the last thing that Australia needs.


With monotonous regularity, the annual ritual of violence by the Arabs marks Passover, Ramadan and Easter. At this time every year the Palestinian Arabs start riots on Temple Mount, leading to a response by Israeli police, followed by rocket attacks. This year was slightly different, as over 40 Rockets were fired from Lebanon, risking a war. Predictably, this resulted in Western powers calling for restraint, and condemnation of Israel by Moslem countries, including Turkey’s call for Moslems to unite against Israel. Of course, nothing will change as the Western powers will continue to do everything to ensure that this situation continues, including funding Palestinian Authority payment for terrorists slay Jews, and funding Arab colonisers to build on Jewish land against all agreements. The Palestinian Arabs of course do not want resolution of the conflict because their leaders have personally made hundreds of millions of dollars from Western largesse, and have created a system which ensures that continuing the conflict pays dividends both politically and financially to enough people to perpetuate the situation. [Photograph: Temple Mount 1936]


Mass protests against proposed judicial reforms in Israel continue unabated, on the streets, in the media and in the Knesset, and have raised much commentary overseas, including from the United States administration. In unprecedented actions, some defense force personnel have refused to do their duty in protest. Disagreement and debate have been part of Israeli politics since the re- establishment of the state however the degree of division now is unprecedented, with the government refusing to contemplate compromise. For a country that is continually under existential threat this must be providing succor to its enemies, however those enemies should remember that, when necessary, the Israeli nation pulls together and there is no doubt the Israelis will get through this period strengthened and united.


This week Jews came under siege from three continents. It had been a bad year so far, with 14 Jews murdered by terrorists. Having had enough, a group of vigilantes rampaged through Arab Huwara, torching cars, businesses and homes. The world stayed silent when the 14 Jews were murdered but was quick to condemn the resulting riots. First off, United States representative Thomas Nides said that the rioting was “causing an enormous amount of pain”. Hours later the State Department’s Hady Amir visited Hawara in support of this hotbed of terrorists and condemned the riot. He did visit any of the families of the Jews who had been murdered by the terrorists. When Israeli Minister Smotrich said that the bed of terrorists should be wiped off the map, the United States immediately issued a statement that they were considering barring him from entry to the country. This is hypocritical as the United States often welcomes terrorists. Next to condemn the Jews were France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain in the United Kingdom. At least these countries did lip service by also condemning terrorist attacks that sparked the riot. Meanwhile, in Australia the Writers Week held in the city of Adelaide was a little more than an antisemitic hate fest with invited speakers including those on call for the murder of Jews. Not a single dissenting voice was allowed. That the festival is overseen by Louise Adler, the daughter of Holocaust survivors and is at least partly funded by the government, makes it all the more disturbing. The worldwide rise of antisemitism by governments and semi-government authorities parallels the rise of antisemitism leading up to the Holocaust. [Photo: StandWithUs]


Israel’s proposed changes regarding the law have resulted in protests and words of caution from the United States and the European Union, even though the changes would bring Israel into line with those states. At present Israel has no constitution, only basic laws which are vague and open to wide interpretation by the judiciary stop in addition because of the current situation the judiciary can block laws passed by the Knesset (Israeli parliament) or so loosely interpret the laws that it creates new ones itself. The current changes would give the power of creating laws to the Knesset, as happens in other democratic countries. It is therefore perplexing why those other countries against Israel becoming a fully democratic country in this respect. It also shows the great disrespect of these countries for Israel by constantly interfering in its internal affairs, something they do not do to any other country, including quasi-democracies such as Turkey or dictatorships. It is time that democratic countries stopped bullying the only democracy in the Middle East.


Critics of Israel try to rewrite history, claiming that the state of Palestine has existed for 4,000 years or longer, showing maps, coins, passports and other documents with the word “Palestine” on them. This is false evidence. The fact is that there never was an independent non-Jewish state of Palestine. In ancient times it was invaded by various people, including the Romans who gave it that name, and later by the Ottomans who considered it as a province of Syria. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire the area, which includes today’s Israel, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank, became the Palestinian Mandate which was administered by Britain. Many of the coins and documents mentioned above are in fact British from this period, and many have the words “Land of Israel” in Hebrew. Israel’s critics, human rights organisations and the media are complicit in this appropriation of Jewish history by predominantly Arab colonisers who appropriated the name in 1964 for propaganda purposes, an idea given to them by the USSR’s KGB. [Photograph: British Mandate coin. Note the Hebrew inscription on the left side of the third line, “Land of Israel”.]


George Orwell’s nightmare is truly upon us. The double speak and racism were on full display at George Washington University’s course on diversity in the Professional Psychology Programme, in which the Jews were told that they should be ashamed to have been born in Israel and that they were dishonest and malicious, and violent attacks against them were justified. When the students complained, they were excluded from classes and faced disciplinary proceedings. Worse, they were told that the complaints were based on anti-Arab feelings. The world has truly become unhinged, and that this is occurring at the highest levels is truly alarming. Remember the seeds of the Holocaust were planted in the universities.


January 27 marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in which the industrialised murder of 6 million Jews by the Germans is remembered. On this solemn day this year seven Jews were murdered in Jerusalem synagogue in a terrorist attack. Although world leaders were quick to condemn this attack, many of those leaders are ones who support the terrorists, including funding the Palestinian Authority’s pay-for-slay scheme to encourage murder of the indigenous Jews of Israel and school textbooks which support terrorism and martyrdom. Adding insult to injury, Ireland’s Minister for foreign affairs and Minister for defence stated, “I call on all parties to refrain from actions which would lead to further violence”, equating Israeli operations against such terrorists with the terrorists themselves. No other country, including Ireland, would show restraint in fighting such events in their own countries. Platitudes of sympathy are meaningless when those saying them support terrorists in their actions. It is time to stop the lies and the support. It is time that countries take antisemitism seriously before it is too late. [Image: StandWithUs]


The Biden administration’s handing over to Palestinians a looted antique Assyrian spoon dating to 700-800 BC may seem trivial, but it is a symbol of its continuing attacks on Jews and Israel. The Palestinians, Arab immigrants and colonisers who started calling themselves Palestinians in 1964 have been erasing and appropriating 3000 years of Jewish history and culture since then. Now the Biden administration has also started to write the Jews out of history, stating that he 2700-year-old spoon was an example of Palestinian cultural patrimony. The current Palestinians have little cultural patrimony in the area, being originally from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Iraq, and are certainly not related to Assyrians. The aim is to drive the indigenous Jews out of Israel. This follows on the recent handing over of priceless Jewish books to Iraq instead of the Jewish owners. These books found by US troops in Iraq and were taken to the United States for preservation. It also follows Biden’s recent claim that migrants on the US-Mexican border like the Jews in the Holocaust, which is downplaying the Holocaust and an insult to the 6 million Jews who perished in it. It is high time that Israel started pushing back against the blatant antisemitism that is being pushed by the United States and the European Union governments and institutions.


Following Israel’s elected National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s brief 13-minute visit to the Temple Mount the Biden administration lost no time in excoriating Israel, together with much of the Arab press and some European countries, demanding that the status quo not be violated. According to the agreement in which Israel gave custody to the Moslem Waqf in 1967 Jews and Christians have a right to visit the Plaza, rights that were denied while the area was illegally occupied by Jordan from 1948 to 1967. The Biden administration seems to have no problems with gross violations of the status quo by the Palestinians, including illegally excavating the Temple Mount to destroy priceless Jewish historical artefacts, or using the Plaza for riots and to attack Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. The Biden administration wants to apply apartheid to the Jews’ holiest site. It makes no such demands from any other country, and coming on top of resuming funding the Palestinians’ pay-for-slay scheme, in which families of terrorists are paid in proportion to the number of Jews that are slaughtered in attacks. The Biden administration should stop fuelling anti-Semitism while hypocritically claiming to be Israel’s friend.


In Australia, two police officers and a civilian were murdered in an ambush by what the government authorities and media are present as radical antivaccination conspiracy theorists, and there is much winging of hands as to how to stop radicalisation of people. Yet the authorities and media totally ignore their role in radicalising the population through human rights abuses which included forced vaccinations, vilification and victimisation of those who are against these and other abuses of human rights, and excessive police brutality which culminated in the shooting of unarmed protesters in the back. Ironically, the latter incident occurred at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Australia, which was erected in memory of those who had sacrificed their lives in wars so that Australia would be a free and fair society. Although all acts of murder are unacceptable and are rightly condemned, the authorities should take responsibility for what they have done to the population and should not be surprised that people whose human rights were abused and who lost their jobs because they would not cave in to the abuses are angry at the authorities.