Following news that Israel has successfully saved four of the hostages kidnapped on October 7th last year, much of the world, including the EU, condemned the move. There is no doubt that had they been their own hostages, they would have celebrated. The fact that there were Palestinian deaths was inevitable, with the hostages being kept in family apartments and homes amongst densely populated areas in Gaza. Hamas and the Palestinians should be blamed for any Palestinian deaths rather than blaming Israel. Instead of celebrating the world has ramped up its antisemitism with sharp comments from leaders of these countries and with eruption of protests in the streets of some cities. This is a reason for the continued existence of Israel and ignoring the dictates of the West, which have only one thing of interest, namely completing the work that Hitler started. [Photograph: The rescued hostages]


In a development in the previous week, Australia’s antisemitic parties have turned on each other. The ruling Labour Party had promoted antisemitism in Australia. However, supporters of the Greens Party began attacking its officers and government officials for not being antisemitic enough. This caused the Labour Party government to temporarily accuse the Green Party of antisemitism. Twenty-four hours later the situation reverted to normal with both parties once again collaborating once again in promoting a Nazi type state in Australia. There is speculation that after the next election the two will form a joint government. [Photograph: Labour Party Minister’s office defaced by Greens Party supporters]


REWARDING TERRORISTS Like in the 1930s and 1940s, the world is turning it is back on Jews and rewards Jew-killers. Western countries, including Norway, Ireland in Spain with a reward Hamas’ brutal torture, rape and murder of 1200 Jews and kidnapping of 250 by recognising their state in Gaza. Australia also voted to recognise it. One thing these countries have common, apart from their hatred of Jews, is that they have peaceful neighbours and do not know what it is like to live daily with a terrorist entity which constantly murders your citizens. Germany, while asking Israel to sell its successful iron dome defensive system, has stated that it will arrest is really Prime Minister Netanyahu should he set foot Germany. Obviously Germany wants to complete what it started in in the 1930s. Bizarrely, these countries claim that by formally rewarding Hamas peace will ensue. The only difference is that in the 1930s in 1940s Jews had nowhere to go but today they have Israel. [Photograph: Tortured Israeli captives of Hamas]


In its next move of consolidating Australia as a Nazi state, the government voted in the United Nations to further increase the status of the Palestinians, rewarding Hamas for its vicious torture, rape and murder of Jews. Is the West rapidly turns against Jews in every country, Australia is at the forefront. Even the antisemitic Canadian government voted against the resolution. This gracefully, several European countries, including Poland and Slovenia, also voted. The vote entrenches the Palestinian cause of driving the indigenous Jews into the sea. In Australia, Jews are shut out from society, with no-one to turn to except for Israel. All levels of government, educational institutions and all authorities including the police are rabidly antisemitic. Education departments are ensuring Nazi indoctrination of young children occurs in schools, teaching them to chant antisemitic phrases. [Photograph: Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong]


Today the United States abandoned Israel which is fighting for its life against a terrorist organisation, in an attempt of hand victory to the terrorists. In an act of hypocrisy, US President Joe Biden state that they are liable that Israel is killing civilians, implying deliberate targeting. He ignores the fact that large numbers of civilians were killed by US troops while they fought in the Middle East, and despite an enemy closely intertwined with the civilian population, this war has a lowest combatant to civilian deaths ratio of any war in the 20th and 21st centuries. By halting ammunition shipments to Israel, it severely restricts Israel’s ability to defend itself. Hamas feels no need to negotiate peace as he sees the world doing everything to hand at victory over the Jews which it wants to exterminate. This is reminiscent of World War II in which all Western nations abandoned the Jews to their fate. This time however, the Jews have the resources and will prevail however Israel must become self-reliant in manufacturing arms. [Photograph: US President Joe Biden]

Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day 5-6 May 2024.

“Never again” was short-lived. [Photograph: Stand With Us]


Australia now resembles 1930s Germany, with Jews constantly attacked, arrested for being assaulted, barred from lecturing in universities, and vilified by government. Children are indoctrinated by teachers and at university “camp-ins” to hate Jews. Furthermore, the government turns a blind eye to the hatred preached in mosques. The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and his Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, constantly attack Jews. After stabbing incidents by Islamists, the Prime Minister in speeches claims that all cultures are living together peacefully. He also claims that all radicalisation by Islamists is due to the internet, and that preaching hate and teaching children to hate does not cause radicalisation. His answer is to censor the internet to stop any posts showing the antisemitism and Islamist attacks. He went as far as demanding that X remove this material from its international sites. X has refused to do so, which allows the world to see what is going on. [Cartoon from The Australian]


Australia has copied more Nazi practices, which are widely used by the Palestinians, to indoctrinate small children to hate Jews. This is occurring in classrooms, and last weekend a day was held at the University of Sydney in which children were made to chant antisemitic hate. The teachers and university lecturers receive government funds. Despite an outcry by the Jewish community, the government gives tacit approval through its silence and funding. Australia is ensuring that a generation is indoctrinated in Nazi hate like that seen in Gaza and the Palestinian authority territory. This does not bode well for the future of Jews in Australia. [Photograph: Children being indoctrinated in antisemitic hate at the University of Sydney]


Following the brutal rape, torture and murder of 1200 Israelis by Hamas, the terrorist group of voted in and governing Gaza, the entire Western world has compounded the pogrom by turning on its own Jews. In Australia, the UK in the USA there are constant demonstration is calling for the genocide of Jews. The governments and authorities have joined the antisemitism. In addition to being cancelled by universities and enduring violence, Jews in those countries face persecution by authorities. In London, police threatened to arrest due for “looking obviously Jewish” and in Australia Jews who are attacked by antisemitic thugs were arrested for daring to be on the street. London police prevented a demonstration against antisemitism while at the same time giving the green light to demonstrations calling for the murder of Jews. Australia’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, gave a speech declaring that everyone gets on in Australia, as his government and the people of Australia attack Jews. The University of Melbourne, after cancelling Jewish lecturers, declared that he does not tolerate racism. The hypocrisy is astounding. This is 1930s Germany on a grander scale. Right minded people should push back against this instead of watching as it rapidly evolves into genocide. [Photograph: London Police threaten to arrest man for looking obviously Jewish]


This is not a joke. Australia’s racist government is now contemplating taxing people based on their skin colour. Specifically, Aboriginal people would no longer pay land tax, stamped duty on property purchases or interest in bank loans for property, unlike people deemed white by the government, which is Caucasians and Asians, who will continue to pay burdensome taxes which no doubt will rise to make up for the short fall of cutting taxes for people deemed to be of colour. When questioned about this, Victoria is Premier Jacinta Allan stated that everything was being discussed and she would not rule out such an apartheid system of taxation. [Photo: Victoria’s Premier Jacinta Allan]


Each day brings more bad news for Australia’s small Jewish community, numbering 100,000. This week the University of Melbourne has cancelled an engineering lecturer because anti-Israeli students objected to Jewish lecturer. Bizarrely, the University declared that this was done because the University values free speech. Also, this week the Australian government declared that it will recognize a Palestinian state, rewarding Hamas for invading and brutally torturing, raping and murdering 1,200 Jews, as well as kidnapping 250, of which it still holds about 130. Australia joining Iran’s axis of evil is now firm government policy. Jews in Australia are now virtually excluded from participation in society, a frightening resurrection of 1930s Nazi practices. [Photo: antisemitic mob in Sydney]


In a turnaround US President Joe Biden has thrown the Jews to the wolves. He joined antisemitic rhetoric from Australia’s Prime Minister Albanese and foreign minister Wong threatening to cut Israel off totally if it does not surrender to us terrorists who perpetrated the October 7th pogrom, torturing, raping and killing 1200 people and taking about 250 hostages kept in the horrendous conditions. The implications will be devastating not just for Jews and Israel but for Egypt, the United Arab Emirates in Saudi Arabia. For Jews in Israel, Hamas will continue to wall Gaza and to use billions in foreign aid that it will receive to rebuild its terrorist network to perpetrated more attacks and Jews. For the Arab States it signals that the United States abandons its allies and we will push the States from accommodation with Iran, the terrorist sponsoring state. Once more the West is setting up a situation for continued terrorism, murder and war rather than establishing peace and prosperity. Terrorists around the world must be rejoicing at this is unexpected gift. [Photograph: Joe Biden]


Following the accidental killing of aid workers in Gaza in a nighttime attack in which a Hamas operative began firing from one of the vehicles carrying the aid workers and no response from the vehicles when contacted by Israeli forces, the world has turned against these really state which is fighting for its survival following the savage pogrom on October 7th in which 1200 people were tortured, brutally raped and slaughtered, and approximately 250 were kidnapped for further torture and sexual abuse by Hamas. The Australian Prime Minister Albanese has been ranting ever since, hypocritically forgetting that Australian troops not only caused civilian casualties in Afghanistan but was soldiers in a true war crime shot prisoners of war and were then awarded metals for it. Both the Australian Prime Minister and President Biden called the Israeli Prime Minister for addressing down and demanding that Israel lay down arms and surrender, giving respite to Hamas to regroup for another attack Jews. On October 7th one of the people killed was an Australian citizen, however Australia seems not to think that this is a problem as she was killed by Hamas. Holding Israel to standards applied to no other country’s antisemitism. Let us hope that Israel stands up to the Nazi bullies who now run Australia and the United States. [Photo: Australian Prime Minister giving an antisemitic speech in parliament]


In its ongoing war against Israel, the United Nations, backed up countries such as United States and the media at large, have been blaming Israel for an impending famine in Gaza, when nothing could be further from the truth. Even before the air drops and sea delivery of aid, the number of trucks crossing from Israel into Gaza was 50% more than before October 7th, the day of the horrendous pogrom perpetrated by Hamas against Israel and which started this war. It has been well known all along that ever since Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, and when Hamas won the elections and brutally destroyed the Palestinian Authority presents there, that the terrorist organisation Hamas has taken control of all aid, diverting much of it for its own purposes and to sell at inflated prices to its own people, and it continues to do so despite being severely damaged in the current war. It is shameful that the Western world once again is acting on its centuries-old antisemitism, instead of supporting a just war against terrorism. [Photograph: Aid on the Gazan side of the Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel to Gaza]


This has been a bad week for Jews and Israelis, with several countries turning against them and materially assisting Hamas in its quest to commit genocide against the Jews similar to the one perpetrated on October 7. Australia announced that it was giving $46 million in assistance to Hamas under the euphemism of humanitarian aid. Canada has announced that it was stopping selling arms to Israel. The United States has asked Qatar, which hosts and funds Hamas, to build a port in Gaza to help supply Hamas. Jews are truly alone once again in the world and can rely only on themselves stop. The Israeli government thankfully is resisting world pressure to surrender to Hamas. The Australian Human Rights Commission, funded by the government, joined the fight against Jews in an alarming move, giving contract to the main person responsible for the creating of lists of Jews with personal details, including addresses, phone numbers and, in some cases, photographs to encourage attacks on them. The Human Rights Commission said that this is in keeping with its due diligence and government regulations. This is not surprising given that the Australian government keeps introducing new Nazi-style policies to attack Jews. The world does not care about the 1200 Jews that were brutally raped, tortured and killed, about the remaining hostage is held in terrible conditions by Hamas. The outlook for Jews in the Western world is very poor and Jews should consider moving to Israel, now the only safe place for them. [Photograph: October 7th pogrom.]


Australia has ramped up its persecution of Jews, who are now being prohibited from contributing at conferences. In a recent conference by the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, Dr. Moshe Farchi, an Israeli expert in the management of post-traumatic disorders, had been invited to speak. When he arrived to go to the conference, he found that he had been removed from the program and he is hotel booking had been cancelled. Association claims that Jews and conferences are a danger to safety, and appalling euphemism for hatred. Australia is copying Hitler’s actions. The next steps we know. [Screenshot: Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association: Jews not allowed]


United States President Joe Biden and Senate House Leader Chuck Schumer both turned against Israel, calling for elected Prime Minister Netanyahu to be removed from power, and demanding that Israel stop the war in Gaza. Hypocritically, Joe Biden reiterated that Israel has rights to defend itself from Hamas, as long as no one gets killed. The message is clear. Israel is to surrender to terrorism, allowing Hamas to rebuild for yet further pogroms in the Jewish state. There were no calls for toppling the Hamas leadership or release of the hostage is that Hamas holds. This change is brought about by electoral considerations in the US. The President has decided the devotes are more important than Jewish lives, which is obviously willing to sacrifice for more votes. The world is demanding Israel show restraint that no other country has ever shown, further evidence of the rising Nazism in the Western world. [Photograph: Chuck Schumer calls for the toppling of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Israel].


Western leaders, including those of Australia and most recently the President of the United States like to say that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people, who are suffering because of it. This is totally misleading and ignores the reality that most Palestinians support the actions of Hamas. After every terrorist act that and is in the murder of Jews, including the 1,200 Jews who were brutally raped, tortured, murdered and kidnapped on October 7, there is dancing and jubilation amongst the Palestinians. Arabs are brought up to hate Jews. In the Palestinian population this begins in kindergarten and continues right throughout their schooling, with children being indoctrinated to hate and to kill Jews. This educational is funded by the West and occurs through UNRWA run schools. Summer camps are training grounds for terrorist activities and murdering Jews. Turning a blind eye to this, the West feeds the anti-Semitism that is now spreading around the world. The following chart gives a true indication of what is happening, showing the enormous support that Hamas has amongst Palestinians.


Anti-Semitism continues its march across the world, encouraged by governments. In Melbourne, Australia, during Council voting for an anti-Semitic resolution, a mob of 200 people outside the Town Hall started beating up Jews who had come to voice their concern to the Council. Police arrested the Jewish victims for inciting public disorder by being present on the street. None of the mob were arrested. Jewish artists and actors have been de-platformed from arts festivals in Perth and Sydney, while Melbourne’s well known Malt House Theatre has invited one of the most rabbit anti-Semite influencers to perform during the play “Yentel”, a play about a Jewess. The theatre had until then a Jewish board member and relies very heavily on Jewish philanthropy for its work. In London signs for ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jews from Israel were on Big Ben. Like their Australian counterparts, the police reiterated that calls for the genocide of Jews is not a breach of anti-vilification laws. It is hoped that unlike those in 1930s Europe who realised what is happening too late, it is hoped that Jews are making provisions to move to Israel, the only place where they are now safe. [Image: Mock-up Australian flag reflecting what the country has become]


Nazi activity in Australia continues to escalate at an alarming rate. In the past week continuing attacks on Jewish businesses have escalated to such an extent that some are starting to shut down. Worse, Jews have been terrorised from their homes, and are beginning to move from suburbs such as Northcote. An influential Member of Parliament, Jenny Leong, presented speech about Jewish “tentacles” and influence, reminiscent of Nazi Germany. This week saw the first public listing of 600 Jews to hunt down, including names, telephone numbers and photographs, again reminiscent of 1930s Germany. The government, in response to UNRWA assisting Hamas terrorism, along with several other countries, recently stopped funding the organisation. With even more revelations of UNWRA participating in Hamas murderous spree, the Australian government has decided to resume funding. Police refuse to act against those who commit antisemitism but will immediately arrest anyone who supports Israel. The situation is so bad that in a rare move, the Israeli ambassador to Australia spoke out against what is happening, to deaf ears. The Prime Minister cries crocodile tears, speaking softly against antisemitism while his government promotes it, reminiscent of Yasser Arafat who would send suicide bombers against Jews and then condemn this action. [Photo: Attack on Jewish centre in Melbourne]


January 26th marks Australia Day public holiday. This generates protests from Aboriginal groups who consider this as marking Great Britain’s occupation of the country in the 18th Century, with dispossession and killing of the native Aborigines, and consider it a day of sadness. Bizarrely given this view, this year Aboriginal groups teamed up with pro-Hamas groups in support of calling for genocide of Jews. One would think of people who have suffered discrimination would be sensitive towards other minority groups. While this was going on, the hypocritical Prime Minister, Mr Anthony Albanese, whose government incites against Israel and terms a blind eye to rampant antisemitism in Australia, spoke about how tolerant and inclusive Australia was. In Australia, diversity and inclusion applies to everyone except Jews and Israelis. As the country embraces Nazi ideology, it is time for Jews and Israelis, who helped build this country, including its institutions, to seek safety elsewhere. They are no longer welcome. [Photograph: Melbourne 26 January, 2024]


Australian Minister for foreign affairs, Ms Penny Wong, has just completed a belated trip to the Middle East which included stopovers in Jordan, the Palestinian Authority’s areas of the West Bank, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. On this trip, when visiting Israel, she declared that her country stands with Israel and condemns the terrorist attacks against it, but at the same time declared that she would be providing $21.5 million to the Palestinian cause, supposedly for humanitarian aid, however it is well documented that such aid is used for terrorist activities only. Cynically, she met and had photographs taken with the relatives of those who were brutally tortured, raped, murdered taken captive but she refused to visit the site of the pogrom. She lectured Israel on the laws of war, a country which has gone to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties, more than any other country at war, lectured Israel on giving the Palestinians more rights, and showed support for the creation of yet another terrorist state, as if Gaza was not enough. When asked about the rampant antisemitism in Australia, her comment was that antisemitism is increasing everywhere, as if this justified her government’s tacit approval and participation in antisemitism in Australia. All of this was predictable, judging from previous statements from the Australian government, and he was extremely gracious of the Israeli government to allow her to meet officials, let alone spread her Nazi propaganda amongst people who have suffered the greatest brutality and loss of life in a single event since the Holocaust. Australia as well and truly aligned itself with the new axis of evil run by Teheran. [Photograph: Ms Penny Wong, Australia’s Foreign Minister]


Since the last post, Australia has further consolidated its Nazi status. Its carrier QANTAS (which was the national airline but is now privatised) has garnered favour with antisemites. Its check-in staff openly abuse Israeli passport holders and its on-board airline staff promote Hamas propaganda personally and over the announcement system while in flight. QANTAS management has refused to say anything publicly, indicating its approval. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has refused to schedule in the United States, Germany and Canada in condemning the appalling lies of South Africa which has taken Israel to the ICJ. Jewish hate speech is now regularly heard from mosques in Australia, as well as in government halls and publicly. Some restaurants refused to serve Jews or Israelis. The authorities, claiming that they will not tolerate any racial hatred of any other group, provide tacit approval for antisemitism, and will arrest any Jew who protests. This week Australian Aborigine groups, who claim to have themselves having been the victims of racism, have declared that they will devote Australia’s national day on January 26, to supporting the genocide group Hamas. Australia’s Jews and Israeli expatriates are left to fend for themselves. What is surprising is that it has taken only 100 days for Australia to turn into a complete Nazi state. This shows that there was widespread latent antisemitism which since the horrific October 7 pogrom has become acceptable and open. [Photograph: Australian government offices fly Palestinian flags – note the absence of an Australian flag]


The Director-General of Australia’s ASIO, which is the country’s equivalent of the CIA and FBI combined, has stated that attacks and Jews are acceptable as a pressure release for society which stops terrorist attacks. Unchecked, attacks and Jews are becoming mainstreamed in the country, and will undoubtedly lead to worse persecution. Already Jews are being attacked by passengers on airlines, with staff telling Jews to leave the plane when it lands. QANTAS staff checking passports have attacked Israelis although was born in Israel with no response from authorities and whether tepid response from the company that it is looking into it. This comes on top of the Prime Minister receiving thanks from both Hamas and China for supporting the former in the UN, and by the latter for refusing a request from the USA to send a war ship to the Red Sea to help protect shipping from attacks by terrorists. Australia is now well entrenched as a Nazi state unsafe for Jews or other Israelis (20% of Israel’s population is non-Jewish). [Photograph: ASIO Boss]


The Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, together with his foreign minister, Penny Wong, continues to incite against Jews while claiming that he is not antisemitic and has never been antisemitic. Australian governments, local and federal, continue to support the Hamas terrorists in Gaza, flying the terrorists’ flag and repeating thinly veiled accusations that Israel does not adhere to humanitarian laws. Australian police refuse to protect Jews who are attacked, and while allowing tens of thousands of people to gather in support of Hamas and calls for the genocide of Jews, they arrest Jews who carry the Israeli flag, claiming that they are risk to public order. Australian authorities claim that calls to murder Jews do not fall under Australia’s antidiscrimination laws, while minor perceived transgressions against other groups are severely punished. Actors in theatres don Hamas symbols and school teachers preach support for the terrorists to impressionable young children, and encourage them to join protests in support of terrorists. This week the government joined human rights abusing countries in voting against Israel at the United Nations. Australia now resembles Germany in the late 1930s. It appears that Australia’s all-inclusive multicultural and anti-discriminatory policies do not include Jews. Jews and non-Jewish Israelis are no longer safe in Australia. [Photograph: Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese]